Executive Management & BOD


Marco Arese


More than 30 years in energy and technology

Co-founded and held senior executive positions at Hyperion

On board of several advanced technology companies

Extensive involvement in venture capital and investments


Paul Meissner, Ph.D.


More than 25 years in technology and executive management of startups and fortune 500 Silicon Valley companies

Successful exits of companies in highly competitive markets and global leader

Visionary in multinational technology manufacturing and products

Dale Prouty, Ph.D.

• Former CEO TriAlpha Energy

• 40 years in technology, energy, investing

• PhD. CalTech

• Founder of Leading big data company IAC

Reinhold Dauskardt, Ph.D.

• Professor, Materials & Engineering, Stanford

• World renowned for materials breakthroughs

• Leading breakthroughs in Perovskite technology

• Ph.D., UC Berkeley / Witwatersrand

Andy Meyers

• Committed to green tech implementation

• Sustainability key value in ops and investments

• President/CEO/Co-founder Shangri-La Construction

• Shangri-La business group founded by Steve Bing